Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Bird in the Hand...

It's always good to have a bird on hand, right? Bird images can add so much life to a card. They can be whimsical, cute, subtle, serious, somber, regal and more. With Seasonal Birdies, we're going to focus on cute! There are four images in the set and I picked 2 to represent the spring we've had so far here in Kansas.

As we venture from the cold, blustery days directly into severe weather warnings, we seem to have missed the glorious beautiful Spring days that we normally see in April. Ah well, we had one day so guess we can't get greedy! :) So, the first image shows the wintery bird resplendent in her cute polka dot hat and scarf. She's ready for that final blast when winter just won't quit!

She then loses the hat and scarf and trades it in for an umbrella so she can take on those rainy days when the skies just cut loose. Of course, in Kansas, wind comes right along with that rain so she'd have to be holding tightly to that umbrella so it didn't fly into the next county. :)

To give a bit of that rainy feel on the card, I added a bit of clear glaze to create a puddle at the feet and give the raindrops a bit of texture. Isn't that fun?! I forget to use glaze and you can do so many great things with it. It's great for gluing on embellishments too as it dries clear and is a strong permanent bond.

Here are the birdies together - all ready to brighten someone's day!

Thanks for popping by and hope you'll check out the digital images available at Pickled Potpourri Designs!

Featured Images:

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